Kate Lamy Biomedical Visualization Skull

in Seattle, WA

About Me

Clear visual communication has the extraordinary ability to highly augment biomedical learning and education, the core of Kate Lamy’s focus as a medical artist. Throughout her educational career, Kate has developed her craft and nurtured her visual communication skills through both traditional drawing and painting, with an emphasis on observational and contour-line drawing. Kate is also comfortable with using both Mac and PC digital platforms and has extensive experience using the Adobe Creative Suite and Wacom tablets.

With her previous experience as an illustrator, designer, and briefly art director to a college campus magazine, Kate is highly capable in a collaborative atmosphere as part of a design team. Her design abilities enhance her illustrations, and help facilitate efficient and successful learning in students, researchers, and medical practitioners. She also enjoys organizing content and building websites using Dreamweaver and by writing HTML.

To accurately visualize biomedical and life science, she has taken coursework in cell biology, genetics, animal and plant physiology, neuroscience, pathophysiology, and human anatomy. Her dissection experience includes the human cadaver and brain, as well as vertebrate dissection on the shark, shark brain, cat, pig, and the sheep brain.

With the production of clear illustration that facilitates interest and education, Kate looks forward to helping better biomedical communication and contributing to the progress of the health sciences.